Boston Magazine: Sourcing the Stone




Boston Magazine: Sourcing the Stone

Sourcing the Stone

In 2003, Boston Magazine chronicled the amazing story of how the vision, determination, and drive of Glenn and Susan Rothman revolutionized the diamond industry by creating Hearts On Fire. “Glenn Rothman started out as a street peddler in Harvard Square. Now he’s being called a revolutionary in the high-stakes world of the international diamond trade. The secret to his success? Look very closely at the stone in his hand.”

Glenn was always a true entrepreneur and innovator. With original life plans of entering the medical field, Glenn’s life quickly veered down a different course after finding a knack for selling Moroccan wallets. As business boomed, Glenn met a woman named Susan, who later not only became his business partner but his wife.

Together, Glenn and Susan were extremely profitable selling wallets and expanded their business to include leather goods and African garments. However, Glenn was addicted to change and eager for the next stage in his life as an entrepreneur. After taking a trip to Europe, where he got his first glimpse at a true, perfectly cut diamond, Glenn and Susan found their next passion and with the help of a relative, the couple ventured into the world of diamonds.

This proved to be the best decision of their lives and the company Hearts On Fire was founded in 1996. Business began to thrive as they transformed the landscape of the diamond industry by going against the norm – focusing on creating the best cut in the world and creating a true “brand” for their diamonds. This idea of branding a diamond had never been done before, but proved to be a success as consumers flocked to purchase Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry.

The Rothman’s began to manufacture and market The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond® and throughout the globe, including the U.S., Canada, Singapore, the Greater China region, and the Caribbean. This left major competitors with their heads spinning and scrambling to create their own unique cut in hopes of competing with the perfection of Hearts On Fire Diamonds. 
An industry which was once solely focused on providing consumers with the lowest price is now switching gears to focus on providing the best quality and a brand that resonates with consumers. In the course of only 15 years, Hearts On Fire has pioneered the marketing of diamonds, yet the journey has only just begun.